CK Painting and Tiling is a small business owned by an experienced team in Hobart, Tasmania.
CK Painting and Tiling
CK Painting and Tiling
Jul 1, 2022

Case Study CK Painting and Tiling

The owner of CK Painting and Tiling approached me to build a branded website for his Painting and Tiling business. His goal was to create a unique website with branded designs. His goal was to have consistent leads for his business. After spending some time researching, we decided to go ahead with Digital Marketing. Therefore, I have to write the content, do keyword research, and implement it on every page to optimise for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

This is a screenhot from service page

Therefore after extensive research, I designed this unique premium website with CMS features, including:

  • Interactions
  • Animations
  • Forms
  • Responsive
  • Navigation
  • Responsive slider
  • Symbols
  • Retina ready

I added Awesome Features like:

  1. Animated Navigation with IX2
  2. Parallax Images
  3. Beautiful Shapes

And much more...

This is a screenshot from contact page

The website was built keeping these things in mind:

Header Type – set your header to be sticky, standard, or hide on scrolling up and show on scrolling down.

Project Pages – We created a CMS project page design for this template. Thereby you can add blogs, works, etc.

Entirely Responsive – CMS is a fully responsive template and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Working Contact Form – The contact form elements are perfectly styled and very easy to customise.

Clean Code – the code is well written using the best resources available. Also, all the files are well commented to make your work much more manageable.

Browser Compatibility – This template supports all the major browsers, including IE9+, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Smooth Animations: You can see smooth and simple animations all across website. This gives a more pleasurable experience for the users. 

Global Swatches: This website was created with global swatches, so the owner can change the whole branding theme with just a few clicks. 

Optimised for Mobile: Nowadays, ensuring your website is mobile responsive is very important. Brown Burgers is customised so mobile users can get the best experience.

Contact Form: website comes with a perfectly styled contact form and is very easy to customise.

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